Sage varieties are traditionally used in cleansing and rebalancing rituals and for removing negative energy. Blue sage is not as pungent as White sage, so may be ideal for people more sensitive to the scent. Lavender aids in calming the spirit. Palo Santo Wood is a sacred wood that comes from the Palo Santo trees of South America. When it is burned, the smoke is believed to have medicinal, cleansing and therapeutic healing power. It also inspires creativity & clears all negative energy.


When to Smudge: Whenever you need to re-balance your mental body (self-destructive/limiting thought patterns) or emotional body (fear, anger, depression), or when you desire to let go of/transform any negative energy that is not for your highest joy that’s affecting you or your environment/reality or belongings and to embrace/ground new positive energies in to your being/reality. Kill bacteria in the air during illness.


Purpose of Smudging: Balance/upliftment/self-empowerment. Cleansing/protection. Attracting positive energies to you. Letting go of negative energies. To create/enhance positive energy.Spaces for healing and manifestation.


How to use: Burn your Sage stick or Palo Santo wood and let the smoke permeate and cleanse. Waft the smoke with a feather so that the smoke cleanses the entire room. Once done, snuff out the fire against an abalone shell, store away and save for later use.


info credit: new moon beginnings



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Sage and Palo Santo